An open letter to my clients

Most coaches have PHD’s. But not the kind that you get from sitting in a classroom and learning through text books. It’s the kinda knowledge you get through practical experience. Through trials and tribulations. Adversity and challenge. 

We’ve prepared our whole lives to serve you with the wisdom that we’ve gained through our wounds.  

Most of us are empaths and have had to learn to protect our energy, which makes us experts at facilitating healing and empowerment with precision and objectivity. 

Our sensitive nature, which may have once been our greatest weakness, is now our greatest strength. 

We’ve put in the work of finding out who we are, as we learned to honour and love ourselves. 

After completely embracing our path, we finally realized, that all the adversity was actually a gift. A gift that prepared us to present it to you. 

Thank you for placing your trust in me.

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