Pain to Purpose


Break free from toxic relationship patterns, cultivate self-love, and empower yourself to raise standards and set healthy boundaries. Start your journey toward a life of genuine connections and personal empowerment.

Gain clarity on what has been sabotaging your ability to attract the quality of relationships that you deserve

Gain the confidence it takes to raise the bar and set boundaries in your relationships.

Step into your power and live authentically and unapologetically.




“After ending an abusive marriage in 2015, my relationship with my children suffered, especially after they went to live with their father in another state. Despite attempts at family therapy, I remained stuck and disconnected, burdened by past trauma. Realizing I needed a radical change, I stumbled upon Nadia’s TikTok videos. Her message resonated deeply with me, and I decided to give her coaching and hypnotherapy a try. In just four weeks, my life has transformed remarkably. Nadia’s approach is both powerful and compassionate. She’s helped me make healthy daily routines, improve my self-image, and uncover hidden facets of myself. Most importantly, my relationship with my children, particularly my 18-year-old daughter, has seen a profound shift. Even my son is warming up. Nadia’s coaching has been life changing, and her gentle yet radical guidance has been instrumental in my transformation. If you seek a remarkable shift in your life, I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

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