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transformative self love for business owners
Empowering Business Success: The Transformative Power of Self-Love For Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner, the struggle is all too familiar – feeling stuck, conflicted, and pulled in countless directions. The desire to expand and hire a team is there, yet relinquishing control, especially over finances, proves to be an intimidating challenge. I get it. I’ve been there – battling procrastination, grappling with perfectionism,…

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freedom from mental health issues
An open letter to my clients

Most coaches have PHD’s. But not the kind that you get from sitting in a classroom and learning through text books. It’s the kinda knowledge you get through practical experience. Through trials and tribulations. Adversity and challenge.  We’ve prepared our whole lives to serve you with the wisdom that we’ve gained through our wounds.   Most…

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Gender Bias

Men and women still face distinct challenges in the corporate world. Women often encounter issues such as earning less, lacking credibility and respect, and facing limited opportunities for advancement. On the other hand, men have to be cautious about their comments and interactions with colleagues. These disparities persist despite some progress we’ve made. It’s worth…

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