Even Royalty Is Affected By The Unconscious Mind

Our lives are basically a result and a reflection of our unconscious beliefs. Not even royalty is immune to this.  As Prince Harry mentioned in an interview with Oprah last week, he felt “trapped” in the life he was living and believes that they are all trapped in that life. 

That’s his perspective and is a result of his beliefs.  After watching the interview, I didn’t get a sense that the lifestyle ever aligned with his authentic spirit.  

It’s no coincidence that he unconsciously attracted and fell in love with a woman who would force him out of that lifestyle due to the inevitable issues that she faced after getting married.

All memories, beliefs, emotions, habits and learning reside at the unconscious level. This is why we don’t always get what we consciously think we want.  The unconscious mind has an agenda of its own.

Aligning your conscious goals with your unconscious beliefs, to manifest your desires, and live a life that you want is easily accessible. 


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