Embracing Unapologetic Living

“But as I embraced my truth, I found a newfound freedom, a space where I no longer needed to silence myself or allow others to do so.”

I recently found myself in a situation that once would have triggered my inner imposter syndrome and people-pleasing tendencies. I reshared a post on social media from a spiritual guru I admire, a person known for their raw and authentic messages, even if they come with some unconventional language, and by that I mean the F Bomb.

A fellow coach from my network, a devoted church-goer and mother, reached out to me expressing her concerns about the language used in the post. She held the belief that such content wasn’t suitable for a mom or coach to share.

In the past, I might have felt a pang of self shame and doubt, the all too familiar imposter syndrome creeping in. I would have second-guessed myself and my choices, wondering if I should have held back, diluted my message, or even remained silent. But this time, something was different. This time, I stood rooted in my truth, in the power of authenticity.

I engaged in an open dialogue with her. Instead of stifling my voice, I shared my perspective, explaining that we all view life through different lenses, and what might appear offensive to one person can resonate deeply with another, beyond the surface words.

My journey to this point has been a process of shedding old patterns. For years, I operated from a place of imposter syndrome and people-pleasing, silencing my true thoughts and feelings to fit into a mold that society had conditioned me to wear. I thought that to be credible, I had to wear the mask of perfection, hiding my flaws and vulnerabilities.

But I’ve learned that authenticity is power. It’s a strength that comes from embracing all facets of who I am. I am not just a coach, but a rough-around-the-edges soul with a touch of sweetness. I’m not just a mom or a professional; I’m a human being with complexities and contradictions.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that those in authoritative roles must wear their masks perfectly. CEOs, coaches, teachers – we all wear masks, but it’s when we dare to reveal our true selves that real connections are formed. The CEO who embezzled money, the coach who struggles with parenting – they remind us that behind titles and appearances, we’re all human.

The truth is, authenticity isn’t always easy. It’s challenging to let go of the fear of judgment, to break free from the shackles of people-pleasing. But as I embraced my truth, I found a newfound freedom, a space where I no longer needed to silence myself or allow others to do so.

In the midst of this exchange, a surprising opportunity arose. The woman who had questioned my post asked to interview me for a course she was taking. She sought a different perspective, and my authenticity during our previous conversation had sparked her curiosity.

After the interview, she shared a message that warmed my heart. She saw me as a disrupter, a challenger – but in all the right ways. This beautiful exchange showcased the power of mindfulness and stepping beyond initial judgments. It’s a reminder that authentic connections stem from empathy, critical thinking, and releasing biases.

So, here I stand, a rebel in all the right ways. I’ve shed the cloak of imposter syndrome and people-pleasing, stepping into my power by speaking my truth and embracing my authenticity. It’s an ongoing journey, a mindful path towards better relationships and deeper connections.

If you’re ready to embark on your own empowerment journey, one that leads to authenticity, unapologetic living and sharing your truth, I invite you to take the first step by clicking the link below.


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