How to Tell if Your Partner Will Change: A Journey to Personal Empowerment

Many individuals find themselves trapped in toxic relationships, holding onto hope that things will eventually change. Despite enduring prolonged periods in such relationships, the reasons for staying can vary. In this blog post, I’ll delve into how to discern whether your partner is genuinely committed to personal transformation. These insights can also be applied to your own journey, serving as a roadmap for powerful self-growth and personal empowerment!

After years of navigating through toxic dynamics, I’ve had a profound realization about what truly fuels transformation and personal empowerment. Through this journey, I’ve come to recognize three things that need to change in order for transformation to take place. 

Let’s find out if they’re ready to change, by focusing on the following.


Consider someone who engages in behaviors like intimidation, invalidation, manipulation, and projection. Such individuals often harbor deep-seated beliefs of fundamental inadequacy and unworthiness, compensating with a facade of superiority and entitlement. They may genuinely believe they deserve special treatment, even though they don’t feel worthy – I know, ironic! It’s all a facade. That’s why they show up the way they do in relationships. It’s not about you, they would do this with anyone.

For instance, Sarah constantly belittles her partner, John, and dismisses his opinions. Underlying this behavior is Sarah’s belief that she is superior and entitled to control the relationship dynamics. However, to embark on a journey of transformation and personal empowerment, Sarah would need to cultivate genuine self-love, dismantling the belief that she is entitled to special treatment. By embracing humility instead of superiority, Sarah can begin to foster healthier relationship dynamics.


Individuals entrenched in narcissistic behaviours often prioritize power, control, admiration, and validation above all else, disregarding the needs and feelings of others. However, genuine transformation entails a shift towards valuing self-awareness, empathy, humility, and authentic connections with others. For example, rather than seeking validation through external achievements, Mark begins to prioritize empathy and understanding in his interactions with others, fostering deeper and more meaningful relationships.


Narcissists typically mask deep-seated insecurities with a facade of grandiosity and entitlement. However, as individuals embark on the journey of self-discovery, personal empowerment and growth, their identity evolves into one characterized by authenticity, humility, and genuine connection. For instance, as Sarah embarks on her journey of self-reflection and healing, she sheds the facade of superiority and embraces her true self with humility and empathy.

Instead of solely fixating on our partner’s potential for change, asking the right questions is more important. Reflecting on why we’re even drawn to such dynamics and how to foster personal growth to break free from unhealthy patterns is a more constructive approach. This is consistent with the philosophy that like attracts like.

It’s disheartening to see so many individuals cling to hope, giving their partners repeated chances, only to feel disappointed as they witness temporary shifts in behaviour. However, recognizing our power to initiate change within ourselves empowers us to cultivate healthier relationships and reclaim our sense of self-worth.  We may not be able to change others, but we can certainly learn to master ourselves. 

Your Journey To Personal Empowerment

The cool thing about this is approach is that when we focus on our own transformation, we show up differently. We are no longer trying to control external events and instead, turn the focus back onto ourselves.  When we do this, our energy shifts. You see, sometimes people who trigger us come into our lives to teach us something important. And as we grow and learn from these experiences, we may find that we no longer need those lessons or triggers. And when that happens, those individuals might effortlessly vibrate out of our lives, leaving room for those who align with our newfound energy. As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe.

The goal is to work on ourselves. Everything else will fall into place.

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