Understanding Narcissistic Abuse and Reclaiming Your Sanity

Imagine being caught in a heated argument with your partner. They hurl hurtful words at you, get aggressive, and leave you feeling wounded and questioning your own sanity. And then, within minutes, they stroll into the kitchen like nothing happened and casually ask, “What’s for dinner?”

Can you believe the nerve? It’s like they’re experts at playing mind games, effortlessly switching from abuser to best friend in an instant. It’s enough to make you wonder how they can treat you so badly one minute and then act like everything’s fine the next.

I’ve been there, stuck in a loop of guilt and self-doubt. Whenever my partner attacked me with hurtful words, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was overreacting. They made me feel like I was blowing things out of proportion, minimizing the impact of their hurtful words.

But here’s the truth: it wasn’t my fault, and it’s not your fault either. Narcissistic abusers have a sneaky way of making us doubt ourselves. They downplay their actions, dismiss our feelings, and tell us to let it go like it’s no big deal. And we, being caring and empathetic individuals, internalize their words and take on the burden of guilt.

It took me way too long to realize that I wasn’t the problem. It wasn’t me being too sensitive or overreacting. It was their expert manipulation and gaslighting that had me doubting myself. They wanted to keep me under their control, to make me believe that their abusive behavior was my fault.

A year after our separation, while cooking in my cozy new kitchen, I would often find myself suddenly overwhelmed with emotions, tears streaming down my face as I randomly remembered what I endured, while in the relationship. Each memory served as a painful reminder of the severity of what I had experienced. It was a jarring realization that the situation had been far worse than I had ever acknowledged.

Their ability to act like nothing happened doesn’t make them strong; it shows their unwillingness to face the consequences of their actions. We deserve peace, confidence, love, and a future filled with genuine connections.

You deserve to choose yourself and create a life free from guilt and self-doubt.

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